Over fifty and still long hair?


I can only remember 3 times over the last 51 years that I had really short hair. And as far as I remember these memories weren’t that funny. As a young girl my hair was cut that short so I was called a little boy. It was terrible when a lady in a shop said “that little boy is first in line”. You keep your mouth shut but I could just die.

I came home crying after that first short haircut. Terrible, as if there were no worse things which can happen in your life, but you don’t realize that when you’re young. Now we do know better but if you are young and your hair is messed up then that is really very very bad.

Messing up your hair doesn’t necessarily mean from long to short. We all have had that moment that we were wondering what the hairdresser had in mind when she put the scissors in your hair or gave your lovely locks a terrible color. Or worse, messed up your fringe by cutting it too short.

Around age 15 and 18 my hair was again inexplicably very short. But when I see the pictures of the past that was not of long duration. At some moments I have had cut my hair to somewhat short-length but I did not know how fast I had to let grow my hair again. Just because I feel a lot more comfortable with long hair.

There are two periods in which women often have cut their hair. If you have children and if you reach the age of thirty. These periods were seen as ‘ it is no longer fashionable that you have long hair’.

Luckily time has changed. Women may just have long hair, regardless of age or regardless of the number of children they have.

If you are on social media you will see also many famous women who have long hair, even though they are almost at their fifties or already over their fifties. In the Netherlands think of women like: Linda de Mol, Heleen van Royen, Lucille Werner, Angela groothuizen, Famke Janssen and Patty Brard. But also American actresses seem to stick with their long hair. I am thinking of Sandra Bullock, Goldie Hawn, Julianne Moore, Michelle Pfeiffer, Courteney Cox, Demi Moore and Sarah Jessica Parker who all now have passed their fifties. Or Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lopez who go to that age direction but their hair is still long.

Each has his own preference for the length of hair but it is pleasant that we are off the quote ‘ short hair after your 30th ‘. And if you have doubts to let it cut? Don’t do it and wait until you are sure because a few months to let it grow is a very long time.

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