Why oatmeal?


If you want to lose weight and you are therefore looking for healthy meals or you just want to have some variation in your lunch or breakfast, you hardly see any bread meals. Oat flakes and egg dishes is what the clock strikes.
Why? Because oats have slow carbohydrates, are high in fiber, have protein, good fats, zinc, magnesium, iron, vitamins and antioxidants. Oats are also gluten-free but oat flakes are often processed in factories where wheat and barley are processed and then it is no longer gluten-free. You have to check this on the oatmeal box.


For breakfast, the overnight oatmeal is mainly used. But what is overnight oatmeal? Overnight oatmeal are oat flakes that are soaked in a cup of water or milk stored for some hours (overnight) in the fridge. This milk can also be almond milk, soy milk or coconut milk. Just what you like. The next morning when the flakes are soaked full with the water or milk you can eat the cold oatmeal directly. Because the taste is somewhat bland, you can mix the oatmeal with anything you like. If you prefer you can use various types of fruit, especially strawberries, banana, berries, raspberry and apple.


Talking about oatmeal I doesn’t only reminds me of warm porridge for babies. The brinta pap we give our babies consists of wheat by the way. Brinta now also has oatmeal. Around my 10th year I went a couple of times to a youth camp. This camp was organized by my father’s company. A camp in St. Michielsgestel in Brabant. This camp was called Zonnewende. Or actually is still called Zonnewende because I see that it still exists. The buildings in the forest are used for large groups to spent their time with outdoor activities. This was also the case in my memory. A camp where we were divided into groups and where various outdoor activities took place. I’ve had a very nice memory of this camp, and funny enough I also remember the breakfast. We ate porridge in the morning. I believe also bread, so you could choose what to eat. So I have no memory of the porridge that my kids ate when they were young but of the camp where I ate the oatmeal and never disliked it to eat. Well, I must be honest, of course, sugar was added to it and I ate it very hot.


Now that I try the overnight oatmeal I notice that I have some trouble with the cold variant, even though this is the version you see everywhere especially on food sites. This morning I ate since a very long time the hot version. Slightly sweetened with a few drops of stevia. Nice especially if it is warm enough and the flakes are pulverized a little more in a mortar with a pestle. But I wanted to add a few apples with some cinnamon. Not really nasty but it wasn’t super tasty either. So I left the oatmeal to get a bit colder but if you leave it too long the flakes become more slimy. Too bad the last bit of oatmeal ended up in the trashcan.


Oatmeal with banana is delicious but also this time I thought the taste was a little bland. A scoop of yogurt through the oatmeal makes it less bland. It is clear that oatmeal is food that you have to learn to eat. And especially the cold variant needs lots of fruit to make it more tasteful.

Below I add a few pictures from various breakfast meals with oatmeal/oat flakes.

And last but not least the delicious oatmeal pancakes. Because of the healthy composition of the flakes it is very well worth the effort to try.



2 comments on Why oatmeal?

  • Solita (author)

    Maar jij eet het als ik goed begrijp warm met fruit? Dat vond ik nl. met de appel niet zo lekker.

  • Marinka

    Ik ontbijt met havermout van Quaker. Dat zit al in afgepaste zakjes. In het zelfde zakje meet je ook de melk [180ml] af. Banaan, geraspte appel, pruimen of zoete bosperzik erbij, 2,50 minuut in de magnetron en klaar is je ontbijt. En niet slijmerig.

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