Christmas is coming


The time before Christmas is for the most of us a busy time of wondering what we’re going to do, arranging and organizing and doing a lot of Christmas shopping. What will we buy for the other. What do we wear. Do we still need new clothes? The house must be nicely decorated. Do we invite people and what are we going to eat?


Pressure pressure pressure.

With Christmas most people wear black. Black combined with gold or silver. Because we often are invited with Christmas we usually wear completely new outfits. New is often beautiful and when do we feel beautiful? Exactly in black. Black makes you look slim, black with fancy jewelry looks good in a simple way. You don’t have to shop around for hours to find a good dress, pants or skirt. Just a little black dress with beautiful jewelry and you’re ready.

In addition to black, velvet fabrics are really a good replacement. Go for beautiful dark red, dark green or dark blue. Combined with gold or silver and you’re ready for Christmas.

Mango has nice vevelt party dresses


Shiny and glitter dresses are always fun to wear

The same applies for the man. Black pants with a nice sweater or blouse and he is ready as well. Beautiful haarcut, beautiful buttons or a large ornamental cool watch.

What will we give as a present? Should it be expensive or are you looking at the price. For women is a perfume or eau de toilette set always nice. Find out if someone likes heavier or floral scents. Do not trap by the sale offers which often prove to be wrong. A discounted product turns out to have the same price all year long, although, there is now a price tag that shows the product is marked  to 25% down. A lure so. It is much wiser to start buying gifts before the Christmas period. During Autumn you can also purchase all fun presents during the sales period (just hide until Christmas). Do you hear someone say that he or she likes something? Watch online where you can find it and buy it in advance. This will save you a lot of time in December.


Nice things to give are charms. Does the recipient has no necklace or bracelet, then you can purchase these very cheap (online). Check always the shipping costs before buying. Choose a charm that suits the person. Is she athletic or crazy about makeup? Does she like animals or travelling? Enough charms fit the preferences of the recipient.

Charms from and

Currently chokers are very fashionable. Beautiful collars of lace, velvet or with a charm. And very affordable.



You can find beautiful chokers at

For men a good exciting book remains a good choice. But also travel books if the recipient likes to travel is fun to give. A travel pouch fits well with this. It’s a smart choice to purchase these during your own summer holiday on markets where you got these often in leather for a small price. Do you want to purchase presents briefly before Christmas on sites like abroad? This might be very disappointing. Products are often not sent to the Netherlands and then finding presents in short time will be really challeging.



Mens clothes at We and Zalando.

Create lists for your groceries, your house decorations, and per person what you want to buy for someone. Create a timeline and start with the first thing you want to do to save time and to keep everything under control.
Good luck for those who are not ready yet and Merry Christmas to all!


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